Jaded lover unleashes naked photos of Royal Media employee Rebecca

Revenge is sweetest when served cold

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"He hacked into her phone and got all her personal information including a list of the men he says, have been flirting with his woman." PHOTO: PINTEREST

A disgruntled boyfriend has exposed his fiancee’s alleged cheating ways by sending all her nude photos and other private content to all her Whatsapp contacts.

The victim who has been identified as just Rebecca, works for Royal Media Services according to a report by news website Tuko.

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Her fiance who currently lives in the United Kingdom suspected that she was cheating on him while making ends meet in a far away land.

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rebecca royal media services
The towel moments before it dropped. PHOTO: TUKO

He is said to have hacked into her phone and got all her personal information including a list of the men he claims to have been flirting with his future wife.

In her defence however, Rebecca sent a follow-up message to all her contacts letting her know that her fiance sent the nudes for malicious reasons. She said he acted from a point of insecurity.

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She specifically apologised to Steve Omondi and BM Ramogi who had been dragged into the centre of the unfolding drama.

rebecca royal media services
Rebecca says that her fiancee, an ICT engineer, hacked into her phone and shared their intimate episodes online. PHOTO: TUKO

Following the incident, one that saw her private video and photos shared online, Rebecca says she will be heading to court with the intention of suing the man for maliciously leaking their private, intimate moments.

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But not before admitting that all the videos and photos sent to her Whatsapp contacts were legit. She said she had relayed them to her fiancee in a consensual agreement.

One of the photos in question shows her lying on the bed, topless. A video shows her strip-teasing while standing naked, next to a video recorder.

Via Tuko

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