PHOTO: Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla sons did the cutest thing

Leaving the social media 'awwwing'

Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla. PHOTO: TUKO

Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla’s sons have left the social media wowed after their photos were shared by their mother.

Kids do the cutest things thanks to their innocence but the moment the story changes when they’re all grown, doesn’t it?

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As reported by Tuko, Citizen TV anchor Lulu Hassan’s two little sons, Jibran and Irfan just proved the above statement.

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If you were not in the know, Lulu is married to NTV Kiswahili news anchor Rashid Abdalla and the two are blessed with the aforementioned kids.

The two – Lulu and Rashid – are unique in that they are the only married couple or otherwise that presents Swahili prime time news in Kenya’s two major TV stations.

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There are times the two are busy on their different stations competing as they read news at the same time.

On this particular day, Lulu was not gracing the screens but was at home with her sons while Rashid was at work doing what he does best – read news.

But it is what the two adorable kids did that has stolen the hearts of many. When Rashid were reading news, the two boys rushed to the TV set and started speaking to their father as he read the news.

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rashid abdalla_lulu hassan_sons
The couple’s sons ‘talking’ to daddy. PHOTO: TUKO

“Ok.. Sasa how do I explain to my babies that baba yao hawasikii?” Lulu captioned the photo she shared online.

Apparently, they thought their father was talking to them.

Via Tuko