Citizen TV’s Fashion Watch comes to an end

The show has been at the centre of ridicule of late

citizan tv fashion watch
Fashion Watch hosts.The show has reportedly been cancelled. PHOTO: TUKO

Citizen TV’s show Fashion Watch hosted by celebrated news anchor Lilian Muli alongside other moderators is arguably one of the most controversial TV shows in the country at least of late.

It has been a topic on the blogosphere mostly as a result of those who are supposed to give pointers to thousands of viewers on fashion and elegance, often turn up looking like caricatures, like they just came from some farm chores and headed straight to the studios.

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citizan tv fashion watchMany Kenyans, have in the recent days attacked the appearance of the show’s panel, with many ridiculing them and calling for the cancellation of the show.

citizan tv fashion watchIt seems however like their prayers may have been answered if an announcement by Ian Mbugua, one of the presenters, is anything to go by.

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citizan tv fashion watchIan took to social media to to post was seemed like a bye bye message hinting the end of Citizen TV’s ‘Fashion Police’ that airs every Saturday evening after news. He posted the message on Twitter throwing shots at haters while also thanking the fans.

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citizan tv fashion watch“Thank you fans and haters. You’re all going to miss us as we will you,” the tweet by Ian read.

But unforgiving Kenyans made sure they made their point heard even if for the last time.

They trolled, laughed at and mocked him in equal measure as Tuko reports.

citizan tv fashion watch

Below is a sample the comments:

Jessey Shadrack Clowns

Denis Bogomba Nyauma Ian you were not supposed to be on that programme in the first place. Look at your age kwanza. Unafaa kuwa kwa council of elders na Wazee rika yako discussing issues affecting the community and offering advice sio kukaa na wanawake who are supposed tobe your daughters talking abt fashion.Thats not what pple of your age are doing. Infact unafaa kuwa njuri njeke dealing with cases that need an elder like you or taking care of your cows and delivering milk to Kcc.Call me a hater but i will tell you the truth.

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citizan tv fashion watch

Charles Kaloki You took long to go. At last that ouch feeling when running channels its gone. Herbalist programs do better. Sorry but never come back.

Victoria Crystal Good riddance! Only Robert Burale was fit to criticize other people’s fashion.The three of you should have been put on probation long time ago.

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Katee Sawe I will miss watching the mad men and women advising us on fashion.

Ciru Mwaura Maxwell Coach RB is the only one who makes sense.The rest of work.
Annabel,not so bad,Caro,you are crazy.You look like a naive girl who just pevukad and now can apply make up all she wants.Walk your talk.Be decent. Ian,maringo yatakumaliza.Shave the white beard first!Make it quick.

Jane Mwende Huh! At long last you have decided to stop bothering us. At least program yangu ya Que de perdone will come mapema. For Robert kudos bro you played your part well,,, Annabel you tried kidogo but for Carol you need to see prophet.

Story/Photos via Tuko