Kangemi woman goes mad, strips then climbs police vehicle

Curios onlookers shoved their way to the front row

A photo of Kangemi neighbourhood. A naked woman climbed atop a police Land Cruiser. PHOTO: TUKO

Looks like October in weird news month if the strange stories that have made headlines in the past few days are anything to go by.

Since the new month rolled in, lots of odd news continue to be reported almost on an hourly basis.

People have woken up to reports of a grown woman walking around in her birthday suit, reason?, only her knows.

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And off course curious residents of Kangemi where the incident happened, came to the quick conclusion that the woman in questions had definitely gone cuckoo.

A picture doing the rounds on social media (see above) shows a woman, naked to the bone, atop a police vehicle.

It is however not clear what caused the woman to resort to such actions, and why she specifically chose to climb on top of the police vehicle.

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Unsurprisingly, scores of curious onlookers gathered around the vehicle to witness the incident.

They shoved their way to the front row for a perfect view of the free movie thanks to the woman whose actions only proved she had gone mad.

Via Tuko