PHOTO: Sexy gospel singer, Nicah the Queen, flaunts them b00bies

She is Dr Ofweneke's wife

Gospel singer Nicah the Queen. PHOTO: MEDIAMAX

Ain’t it tough being a gospel singer? Unlike their secular celebrities, artists categorised under that genre are expected to live according to strict rules of the gospel, after all, isn’t one supposed to be a christian role model to many?

For starters, one is not allowed to preach water and drink wine – both figuratively and literally. You are expected to dress like a church girl – long skirts and such. Every part of your body should be covered and never ever think of skipping service for one Sunday or you risk being labelled a backslider.

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But times are changing if the ways of popular gospel singer Nicah the Queen who happens to be comedian Dr Ofweneke’s wife, is anything to go by. Nicah has made headlines and not because of a new studio release. It’s all thanks to a photo of her proudly showing off her juicy breasts.

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The photo which has been shared numerous times on social media has left many scratching the heads with some lashing out at the singer accusing her of misleading many souls and not being a good example to them.

Below is Nicah the Queen’s photo that has created all the hullabaloo:

Nicah the Queen
Nicah the Queen dares to bare. PHOTO: MPSAHO

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Nicah the Queen is married to comedian Dr Ofweneke and have two adorable daughters together. The couple, Mpasho notes, has become the envy of many as they are always displaying their affection in public.

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Dr ofweneke and his baby momma Nicah The Queen. PHOTO: MASHADA
Dr Ofweneke and his baby momma Nicah The Queen. PHOTO: MASHADA

The sexy crooner who is known for her killer curves is also a fashion enthusiast. Nicah recently released her latest hit entitled ‘Ushuhuda’. Watch below.

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Via Mpasho