PHOTOS: These Kenyan women in hot pants will leave men drooling

Just gorgeous!

brenda wairimu
Actress Brenda Wairimu rocking hot pants. PHOTO: MPASHO

There’s nothing more refreshing to men than a woman in skimpy dressing. Trust me, I’m one.

Whether it is a hipster, crop top, high-low dress, see through attire, hot pant, you name it, no one cares which one as long as it shows some skin.

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But beware before you start pulling stunts and jumping into one of those tiny shorts. Hot pants looks great but it can be messy sometimes. They can get very uncomfortable especially if you wear them to the wrong event.

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Janet Mbugua
Janet Mbugua – Newsgirl

Can you imagine spending the whole day pulling your hot pants down or when you openly seek relief/release after they get stuck in all the wrong places. Paparazzi would have a field day and you risk being the laughing stock of the internet.

julie gichuru
Julie Gichuru – Veteran newscaster

As Mpasho notes, it also takes guts to rock a pair. Some women wear hot pants and are left looking like scarecrows, or The Walking Dead cast members. Put it this way, hot pants can end up wearing the wearer instead of the other way round.

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This is Ess
This is Ess – Fashion blogger

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joy kendi
Joy Kendi – Fashion blogger

This however is not the case for the hot pant wearers featured in this post.

size 8
Size 8 – Singer

They sure look gorgeous. That piece of clothing brings out the sexiness in them.

Talia – Radio presenter

Notice their soft tender thighs, sexy legs and even curvaceous posteriors guaranteed to drive any man crazy – the pope included.

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Avril – Singer

Some like veteran TV girl Julie Gichuru look decades younger than there actual age while sassy singer Avril.. Well what can I say about her, doesn’t she look amazing?

Singer Akothee

The celebrities look absolutely gorgeous in their hot pants.

Wahu – singer

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Via Mpasho