PHOTOS: Raunchy Nairobi girls having ‘sex’ at a Nairobi club

Asmara lounge was the place to be

A Kenyan lad and his lass simulate dry sex at the drunken party last weekend - young uns call the style 'daggering'. PHOTO: MPASHO

Photos from a ratchet birthday party in Pangani show skimpily dressed Kenyan girls simulating dry sex at a popular Nairobi club.

The girls, Tuko reports, were part of revelers who had attended a rapper’s birthday bash at the Asmara lounge to be found in Pangani.

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It was quite a busy weekend, wasn’t it? Firstly, Chris Brown was entertaining hundreds of fans who had converged in Mombasa from various parts of the country, in what has been dubbed Kenya’s concert of the year.

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An inebriated Kenyan girl dances wildly at the Asmara party in Pangani, Nairobi. PHOTO: MPASHO

In Nairobi, almost mirroring the Mombasa one, was another drunken outing at the Asmara club in Pangani. Reason? Veteran Kenyan rapper – Nonini – was celebrating his birthday.

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In photos that were first shared online by Mpasho, several women can be seen simulating sex as they dance suggestively as they circle their hips.

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nonini_asmaraSome of the photos show hammered girls dancing erotically with strangers in the club. One of the styles, Tuko notes, is referred by young people as ‘daggering’ – essentially a non-penetrative sex or dry sex if you like.

The dance involves the man thrusting his front at the woman’s back repeatedly in sync with the music beats.

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Via Tuko