Kenyans on Twitter liken Raila Odinga to Donald Trump


raila odinga_donald trump
Photoshopped image fusing Raila Odinga and Donald Trump. Via TWITTER

Kenyans on Twitter or KOT as the are popularly known have now turned their wrath on the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) leader Raila Odinga.

Using the hashtag #RailaAnotherTrump, naysayers tore into the ODM leader who is currently in the United Kingdom for a political forum.

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Donald Trump, the US Republican Party’s presidential candidate has been in the news permanently for all the bad things. He was recently accused by a number of women of sexually assaulting them, claims that seem to be having a toll on his efforts to succeed incumbent President Barrack Obama.

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donald trump
US Republican Party candidate Donald Trump. PHOTO: NATIONAL REVIEW

All polls show his Democratic Party counterpart Hillary Clinton to be pulling away just days to elections.

Back in Kenya, supporters of Jubilee Party (mostly, I believe) have taken to Twitter to compare the character of the two presidential candidates – that is Donald and Raila.

raila odinga
CORD leader Raila Odinga. He has been likened to Donald Trump. PHOTO: TEAMMAFISI

Below is a sample of the tweets:

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