Uhuru Kenyatta caught downing alcohol at son’s dowry ceremony

Jomo got married in traditional wedding

uhuru kenyatta
Jomo and his bae at a past event.
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President Uhuru Kenyatta’s eldest son, Jomo, got married in a traditional wedding this past weekend. It was done mostly under wraps – a top secret event that saw only close friends and family attend.

Reports have it, that the ruracio was so hushed that even Deputy President Ruto only came to learn of it on Friday, October 21 – just a day before the wedding. [Hehe, really? This equals hate speech]

READ: Uhuru Kenyatta eldest son Jomo weds in traditional wedding

When the time came, Kenyatta’s family led by the man of the house, the President himself, visited the girl’s home for the dowry negotiations.

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uhuru kenyatta
Jomo and his bae at a past event.


It is widely believed the ceremony went down in Nyanza, Raila Odinga’s backyard considering that’s where the girl reportedly hails from Karen, Nairobi.

The first son donned traditional Kikuyu attire according to a picture that sees his beautiful bride whom he got engaged to a few months ago (read June) stand besides him – also in traditional garbs.

uhuru son jomo weddingUhuru chose informal wear for the ceremony, he was in a casual shirt and black pants.

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Now, as dictated by traditions, Uhuru and his now in-laws, shared a well-brewed serving of traditional Kikuyu beer – Muratina [No expensive Moets were served that day]. Makes me wonder whether the traditional brew was legal.

This Muratina part of the dowry negotiations signals that an agreement between the two parties has been reached. Thinks millions.

In the photo that was doubtedly taken by PSCU (it’s too grainy), one that has been shared numerously on the blogosphere, shows Uhuru sitting on a traditional stool.

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uhuru son jomo weddingA closer look at the the Head of State’s hands reveals more, he is holding a generous serving of Muratina in a horn – ruhia.

It was a good day. It’s always as good day with beer around.

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