Luo woman orders chopper after getting stranded in traffic


Corletta Okila chopper
Lady gets picked up by helicopter by the roadside. PHOTO: COURTESY

A Luo woman has left Kenyans scratching their heads after she hired a chopper when her vehicle broke down in the middle of the road.

The ‘thick’ Luo lady who goes by the name Corletta Okila on sensing that her expensive German machine might take long to be repaired, decided to call an Uber chopper to come and pick her up.

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Corletta Okila chopper

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The rescue mission turned into a photo session as Okila posed with the flying machine for a series of snaps, photos she shared on her social media pages.

“So our car broke down in the middle of a highway and we had to call Uber chopper we’ll be home in 10 minutes thank God #ujaluo itatumaliza,” Okila posted on Facebook as quoted by Tuko.

But as soon as Okila flossed the extravagance, she attracted a ton of reaction with some accusing her of being a braggart who should have used the money to help the needy and poor in society instead of hiring the chopper.

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Others felt should she ride on a tuk-tuk in the future, she should also plaster the images on social media.

Corletta Okila chopper

Others blasted the poor lady, saying the money belonged to a sponsor telling her she was free to use it as she wishes.

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