Fisiress Nellie Bantu blasted for sharing photo of her sponsor after sex

The guy must be a tiger in the bedroom

nellie bantu

A young Kenyan woman received the wrath of social media after she posted a photo of with her elderly lover after a round of steamy sex [the photo suggested so].

The lady in question has been identified as Nellie Bantu.

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She posted a photo on Facebook with a caption that suggested her lover had totally exhausted her in bed with his beastly pounding.

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nellie bantu-sponsor
Nellie and her sponsor. PHOTO: TUKO

It is however yet to be established whether indeed she was the one who made the Facebook post but that did not stop the comments on her timeline coming in thick and fast.

While some “defended” her saying her account had been hacked, others raised questions, asking why she had not tried to recover it, ten hours after the photos were posted for all that cared to see to have a glance.

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The age of her lover is not known but going by the look of the photos and how young she looks, that guy definitely¬†perfectly fits the ‘sponsor’ title.

The post has since been taken down but the internet never forgets. Screenshots of the same have already been shared a zillion times on social media. Lets just say the damage to her reputation is now irreparable.

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Critics accused her of seeking cheap publicity by posting the ‘disturbing’ photo. Others mocked Nellie for sleeping with a man old enough to be her father.

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