Why Team Mafisi are ogling all over Celina of Mother In Law

She has made quite some drastic changes to her look

celina_mother in law
Actress Katherine Kamau aka Celina. PHOTO: KISS100

Actress Celina, who made a name for herself as Charlie’s wife in the popular TV show Mother In Law, has had the blogosphere talking.

Real name Katherine Kamau, the gorgeous lass had surprised her sea of fans [mostly men] recently by shedding weight, and drastically. But it seems like ‘drastic changes’ is slowly becoming her second nature. She is back with yet another super change to her appearance.

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There was word going round that the actress was recently engaged to longtime boyfriend, Tahidi High producer Phil Karanja, and not just that but that a big wedding was on the way.

I digress. Back to today’s story. Celina [why do people refer to her by a character she played?] has taken to the social media to update her fans what she’s been up to and changes on her general appearance. Head at least.

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“Good morning my persons. Acting is a serious job, not a hobby, not a part time thing that you do beside a main job no!! You cannot excel in it without the talent and most importantly passion.
We cut our hair, we lose weight, we gain weight, we do krazy things to fit into a role. Now that’s passion. New TV series alert!! Tag your favorite actor / actress.”

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Mega successful fashion icon, Coco Chanel once said that a woman who cuts her hair, is about to change her life.

Celina’s message came with this photo:

‘Celina’ cut her hair. PHOTO: MPASHO

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