The much Uhuru Kenyatta spent for son’s dowry

Not as much as you thought

uhuru kenyatta_son jomo
President Uhuru Kenyatta and his first born Jomo. PHOTO: PSCU

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s eldest son, Jomo, married his longtime girlfriend, Fiona Achola Ngobi at a much hushed private, traditional wedding in Karen this past weekend – On Saturday, October 22, to be more precise.

The girl in question is a holder of two masters degrees from different foreign universities and is an accountant working in Nairobi.

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Just like her new husband, she is of mixed blood, and comes from a lineage of politicians from Nyanza. Her late father, Tuko notes, is a Kikuyu from Murang’a.

This perhaps goes to explain why she’s an Achola but the traditional wedding was characterised by Kikuyu traditional regalia.

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uhuru son jomo_wedding
Jomo and wifey during the dowry ceremony.

Here is the thing. According to the Kikuyu norms, the in-laws-to-be are required to part with standard 100 goats in order for a dowry payment to be considered successful.

The amount is never paid at ago, it doesn’t matter if it’s industrialist Chris Kirubi or in this case Uhuru Kenyatta paying the bride price for his son – The culture dictates that dowry payment never comes to an end although a substantial part of it is paid initially, say 3/4 max. The number of goats is standard and not dependent on the wealth of the family of the bridegroom.

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So, Uhuru’s family are not obliged to pay more because he is president and they own half of Kenya. He will pay what any kamau from Kamirithu would.

But the tricky bit is how much a goat would go for and that’s where negotiations come in. It’s advisable for the groom’s father to shop around for the best negotiator in the village. Fathers from both sides remain mum during the haggling.

About the price of the goat, the bride’s rep would say something like one goat goes for KShs 10,000. But his stingy groom’s counterpart will say a goat in their village goes for half that. They will then meet in the middle just like it happens in any market.

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Assuming the Kenyattas settle for 10K per goat, then it means Uhuru parted with KSh 1,000,000! The price of a new blue Subaru Impreza, for comparison’s sake.

Jomo is said to be planning a white wedding with his lover before the General Election next year. We can’t wait.

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Via Tuko