PHOTOS: 7 moments Janet Mbugua left Team Mafisi dead!

She is a beauty, and she knows it

janet mgugua_wink
TV girl Janet Mbugua. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

Citizen TV’s Janet Mbugua Ndichu is one heck of a gorgeous lady whose sole agenda is to make sure sexiness doesn’t change its original meaning.

Doesn’t she remind you of Olivia Pope (the one from Scandal – any fans here?). Every time she poses for a photo, to show off her body, they always turn out so tastefully.

An afternoon snooze would be everything right about now ?

A photo posted by Janet Mbugua (@officialjanetmbugua) on

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I know. Most people think she is just a pretty face because that is what they see when they tune in religiously to watch her read news on TV. True, it is not everyday we get to see her out of official clothes, but when we do, we sure love it. And by the way, this pics were snapped post natal.

Who wouldn’t love this? the crop top, high waist pants and all. A tip for all women still dealing with baby fat. It’s high time you hit the gym and dropped the excuses and the fat!

A hint of side boob here but the Japanese tattoo helps in diverting the attention. Did you even know that she was inked?

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A photo posted by Janet Mbugua (@officialjanetmbugua) on

Ooh lalaa! Those legs. This is where Team Mafisi Sacco calls for a cold water break.

Ok. What the hell happened up there. Oooh! It’s a TBT from 2006.

There’s nothing to fault about this pic unless of course you’re a hater and would say Beyonce is ugly. This lady sure loves her shorts. But who wouldn’t if they possessed such legs?

I must say at this point that not many women would take a photo with a tummy the size of Times Tower. Looking at the additional 50 plus kgs on their body is bad enough. Let alone putting it on record for future reference.

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