PHOTOS: Papa Shirandula’s Awinja is one sexy babe

Once she drops the petticoat

Actress Jackie Vike aka Awinja. PHOTO: WAZA

Many people (I’m sure you included), wouldn’t recognise the name Jackie Vike, but the mention of popular actress Awinja on Citizen TV‘s Papa Shirandula, almost always starts a conversation.

What with her being arguably one of the most finest actresses-cum-comedians in the Kenyan entertainment industry.

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This is all thanks to how she effortless gets into character on the show that’s watched by thousands if not millions every Thursday.

On the said show, Awinja plays a stubborn househelp to the larger than life Papa Shirandula and his wife Wilbroda.

Away from her petticoat-exposing pink dresses, Awinja or rather Jackie is a sexy young woman, a side of her many may never have seen before.

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While not cracking ribs as party of the hilarious cast, she is one classy girl who is not shy to reveal some of her flesh that would definitely leave any man drooling.

It is safe to say that once she gets rid of her trademark stocking on her head, and trade it for bold hair statements, Awinja instantly turns into a classy and attractive girl.

Look at the photos on this article, don’t you agree she has the figure, the looks and the swag of a typical Nairobi girl?

Don’t try too hard to get Noticed, when the right time comes, you shall be surprised by God’s Doing?

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Jackie is also a co-host on Qwetu Radio.

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