PHOTOS: Curvy TZ socialite Sanchoka leaves Team Mafisi drooling at the beach

Thickness rules

Tanzanian Socialite Sanchoka. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

The blogosphere has of late been flooded with socialites who have made stripping for the camera a profitable affair, albeit the society still frowning at them.

In today’s world where socialites are cropping up left ring and centre, with East Africa spewing them faster than you can say ‘clothes’, men continue to enjoy the treat from the other side of the food chain. And complaining I guarantee you they are not.

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One such woman is Tanzanian socialite Sanchoka who literally stands out from most of them. Our very own Vera Sidika whom they play in the same league (thick), is facing some very serious competition I must say.


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The thick socialite is never shy to parade her assets to the ever thirsty Team Mafisi to drool over and for women to, well, the women are left asking God what they did wrong as they deal with body issues.

@sanchokaworld #mzuri_mpaka_unakera ??

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Sanchoka recently had a photo shoot, a unique one where she went out of the box. She held nothing back and instead decided to flaunt all that her momma gave her. Her male sea of fans got a little more than they bargained for here.


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The heavily built Sanchoka recently stunned her fans when she made an appearance at a club in a skimpy attire made up of nothing more than a sheer, semi nude dress, Tuko reports. She left little to the imagination.


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A photo posted by sanchoka (@_sanchoka_) on

Watch below the behind the scenes video of Sanchoka in one of her explicit photo shoots:

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Via Tuko

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