Woman causes outrage in Nairobi streets for exposing too much

She got an ass that'll swallow up a G-string - Kanye

Lady in tiny shorts. PHOTO: TWITTER

There was a storm on the Kenyan social media scene with users discussing, albeit loudly, a photo of a lady shopping in the middle of a busy Nairobi alley.

All was good until the smartly-dressed lady in the picture, who donned an all black ensemble; top, black pants, and black jacket, bent low to pick some wares being displayed on the ground.

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This behaviour is common among Nairobi women who are often spotted shopping around for second hand clothes in the streets all thanks to the hawkers.

The incident would have passed as just that – another innocent scenario of a lady innocently exposing her undie, but it was the extraordinary undie she was wearing that caused quite a storm.

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As she bent, her backside exposed what she wore underneath, a black pantie that women popularly call the g-string. No offence but I think her thick stature didn’t help the situation. Were it a ‘lightskin’ 3 sizes smaller, I promise you the narrative would haveĀ  been totally different.

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But again what is the hullabaloo all about? It’s just a lady in the streets shopping on a Saturday afternoon. Ok, maybe her bending over like that was not such a good idea considering what she was wearing, but hey, it’s just a thong.

Here’s the photo:

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