Kenyan sexologist shocks with live tutorials

Getrude Mungai popularised the term 'Mombasa Raha'

getrude mungai
Sexologist Getrude Mungai. PHOTO: DSTV

I wonder what the world would be if all the women and men possessed the knowledge renowned sexologist Getrude Mungai has. I think the world would be one big orgy, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The above mentioned, if you’ve never come across that name, has made a name for herself hosting a television show on matters sex. Yes, she has created a huge following for discussing the issue on national TV -unfiltered.

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Hasn’t time changed? What it being possible in Kenya nowadays to discuss sex openly on national TV.

Mungai, a popular sexologist who popularised the term “Mombasa Raha” [Casual reference to getting intimate], uses models and sometimes takes centre stage to demonstrate how couples can enjoy lungula [sex] to the fullest. Funny enough, Kenya Film Classification Board boss Ezekiel Mutua doesn’t seem bothered with her.

Spoiler alert! If you are excited already and plan to search around for an episode of Muingai’s, be made aware that she and her models (always a female) perform the demos fully clothed.

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getrude mungai_mombasa-raha1
Mungai demonstrating Mombasa raha position with a model.

Sexologists are currently raking in big bucks in Kenya and apart from TV shows in this case Mungai, she also make money with the many talks she organises – which by the way cost an arm and a leg.

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getrude mungai_mombasa raha
Sexologist Mungai doing demos.

Since Mungai popped up in the scene, others bold beings have joined the business most notably Maurice Matheka who recently surprised many when he released videos of his private sessions with ladies.

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Matheka gave practical lessons on how to make a woman squirt and he is said to be making serious cash.

I can’t help at this point thinking of the phenomena of marriage counselors being the biggest failures in marriages. Get what I mean?

See Getrude Mungai in action below:

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