Why Kenyan women prefer dating married men

Inside the mind of a mistress

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A couple in bed. PHOTO: BOSS SPORTS

Since time immemorial, in the Bible even, there have been stories of mistresses, and the phenomena cuts across all classes of life, from the high and mighty to the normal mwananchi.

There are many reasons, apart from the thrill that comes with it, why women want to be a married man’s other lady.

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Women will stray with married men for several reasons. Many think that they’re at it for emotional reason and while that might be true, there are several other excuses (some silly), why they don’t mind being side dishes, so to speak.

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Below we have listed some insane reasons why women will prefer dating married men with all the single ones available in plenty.

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1. They want to boosyt their ego

Women will always try groove with a married man because of the pride that comes with being eyed and desired by him. To them, it feels good when a man expresses interest in them, albeit having a wife at home.

2. The strings attaching them is rather thin

The first advantage of being with a married man is that you’re walking into an open door policy. It’s no secret that the today’s woman prefers a man who will not come with a truckload of demands and conditions in the relationship – Let’s say like the weird thing they think marriage is or even children.

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3. Solid financial base

Lets face it. For a man to be hitched, he mostly like is doing fine on matters finances. Forget the let’s start from the bottom and build our way up. In this fast-paced world, a woman wants to be associated with a man who is already there. A man whose chance of going broke is virtually zero.

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4. For thrill’s sake

Here, the motto is go for a man with a ring on it for the thrill of it. Isn’t life all about risk after all? An affair with a married man is the ultimate risk-taking – Sky diving and Roller coaster rides come a distant second and third, respectively.

5. Women are competitive by nature

Women posses genes embossed with competition. They thrive on competition with the other women, even when in reality, the so called competition in this case isn’t really there for obvious reasons. The truth is that there’s no competition here as the man is already married.

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6. They are better at Sex

Married women are fond of complaining that their men lack stamina in the bedroom. What they don’t know is that the single ones would kill to go to bed with them. It’s like they suddenly turn into tiger’s on the mistress’ couch.

7. There’s power in it

A married man who will go out of his way to please a woman as the mistress makes the latter feel like they have some form of power over the man’s marriage. They feel like ever since the affair begun, they could put an end to the marriage at will.

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