Jane Ngoiri flaunts post prego photos, sends Team Mafisi on overdrive

jane ngoiri
NTV's Jane Ngoiri. PHOTO: WAZA

Today’s woman is progressive, unlike the generation of her mother’s who were considered sex objects, child-bearing machines and home keepers who ‘belonged in the kitchen’ (ask Nigerian Prezzy Buhari).

Nowadays, things have changed a big deal, we have successful career women who are indeed proud of their achievements including television personalities like Jane Ngoiri. She is one woman who makes Team Mafisi rush home to catch the early evening news. She always leaves her fans glued to the TV screen every time she is on air.

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The NTV news anchor is listed among the top in the country thanks to her communication skills and her command of the Swahili language.

jane ngoiri_pregnant
Prego Jane.

Jane who gave birth just recently, is back on air and her figure is what has left tongues wagging. She is no doubt sexy – pregnancy really did good to her. She has managed to maintain her killer curves.

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Pole sana to those women who are competing with their male counterparts on who can grow their tummies to world record status. Ngoiri has no doubt put many to shame.

Next in line is her colleague at NTV, Mercy Juma-Okandi, the latest TV persona to get pregnant and will soon be a mother. Mercy, we can’t wait for those photos.

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Below are Jane Ngoiri’s:

jane ngoiri
She looks great, doesn’t she.

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jane ngoiri_baby
Jane and baby.

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