Singer Marya boyfriend on how he caught a flight from Dubai to go get it

Cross-continental booty call


By the way, have you gotten wind of the news that Kenyan songstress Marya is pregnant, as in very?

The singer who stole many hearts since hitting the limelight with her ‘Chokoza’ hit single, has been a bit quite lately, at least musically, but it has since emerged that she is focusing more on raising a family.

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She is engaged to her long-time lover Kevo and the two are expecting a baby boy. The two have never been this excited. They’re about to join an ever lengthening list of celebrity parents.

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The couple hit the headlines in 2015 when they announced to the world that they were indeed an item. During an interviews with Mpasho, the Duabai-based Kenyan said that he is overwhelmed and happy that his soulmate is carrying his child and “I bet she will be the best mum and wife ever.”

Marya pregnant

“She once told me to take a flight from Dubai immediately to go cuddle her,” Kevo confessed.

The young lovers have been the envy of many, leaving a stream of admirers green, they are just the perfect match. According to the excited soon-to-be dad, just like other celebrity kids, his will also have an Instagram account.

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Marya and Kevin can’t wait to welcome their son to the world, they are already busy shopping for it, the first thing they bought their bundle of joy is a pair of Baby Jordans outfits.

And just like any other pregnant woman, Marya is no different, it has come with its challenges including cravings, something his man confessed.

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Marya pregnant

“I was scared, nervous, surprised, but overall very happy,” said Kevo on how he reacted to the news that Mary was expectant.

The soft-spoken lad who seems to adore Marya, reckons they “Make a great team ‘TeamChokoza’ and very soon she will be back with a bang and for your information, I will be managing her as well and later on other artists as well,” he said in the interview.

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