Why Larry Madowo read news in canvas shoes [PHOTO]

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larry madowo
The Trend host Larry Madowo. PHOTO: WAZA

Celebrated prime time news anchor Larry Madowo left many Kenyans shocked after sharing a photo of himself dressed in a suit – okay half a suit, completing the look with canvas shoes.

That brought memories of K24’s Yusuf Ibrahim who a few weeks back caused quite a stir on social media when a viral photo surfaced of a poorly dressed him while anchoring evening news.

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Remember that rumour we used to hear when we were kids, that news readers on TV wore sandals (aka slippers, the Bata ones) and shorts although they looked sharp from the waist up? Well, while it is difficult to prove it it was true then, modern television journalists have come to actualise the rumours.

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While seated, Ibrahim looked sharp in a suit coat, a sharp tie and a shirt.

Hooowever, we cannot say the same of his look downwards.

Yusuf IbrahimHe donned a pair of jeans and red gym shoes.

Larry did the same thing, he looked sharp in a fitting jacket, a sharp shirt and an equally sharp tie.

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But his bottom was a completely different story, The Trend host wore a casual pair of trousers and canvas shoes.

Larry MadowoIn his defense however, Larry outlined the reasons that made him dress like he did. He said he had to catch the next flight to Paris, France.

“What to wear when you’re anchoring your last bulletin at 9pm and catching a flight to Paris at 11pm,” he wrote on social media.

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This is happening just weeks after Larry yet again stole the show (even inspired the #LaryyMadowoChallenge on Twitter), when he anchored news in half a suit, a pair of shorts and Maasai sandals, in a way only Larry can.

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