Forget Bishop Allan Kiuna, see what this pastor bought [PHOTOS]

The Lord sure does work in mysterious ways!

private jet
A private jet. PHOTO: ORIENTSKYS

Recent times has brought forth the topic of Kenyan preachers and their new found wealth that puts our money-hungry politicians to shame.

There’s no doubt these men (and women) of God have millions of shillings at their disposal but rather the question is… Where in the hell do they get their money from?

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Barely a week ago, one of Kenya’s flashiest ‘Servants of God’, Bishop Allan Kiuna, during his 50th birthday, was gifted a private jet, a feat that’s a preserve of Presidents (not be confused with his rapcellency Prezzo) and the likes of Jay Z.

But even before the jet lag dies off, Nigerians are schooling their Kenyan counterparts how to really do it, they’re showing Kenyan preachers that what they can do, Nigerians can definitely do it better. That is after a popular Pastor surfaced with a sleek Hummer that was longer than many churches.

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Bishop Tom Samson of Christ Royal Family International Church shocked his Lagos congregation after purchasing one of the costliest rides – a Hummer H2 SUV stretch limousine.

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And to welcome the adored pastor, his followers gave him a reception most politicians only dream of – complete with a red carpet.

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Btw, so that you know, the Limo was too long to fit in the church compound.

Also, another Pastor was recently gifted with a fuel guzzler that cost KShs 8Million. See the video below:

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