Lupita Nyong’o is such a snob, Larry Madowo reveals

She also has diva tendencies

Lupita Nyong'o

NTV journalist and The Trend host, Larry Madowo, is wrapping up the year, and is treating fans on social media to highlights of his notable interviews of 2016.

On one the most notable ones was with Lupita Nyongo a few months ago, which happened while she was in Uganda for the ‘Queen of Katwe’ movie premiere in which she’s one of the stars.

“I was back in Kampala for a show in late September when I heard that the Oscar-winning actress, Lupita Nyong’o, was in town to premiere her new film, ‘Queen of Katwe’. I made a few calls and got an interview,” Larry wrote.

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larry madowo
NTV anchorman Larry Madowo. He says Lupita is a snob. PHOTO: NAIROBINEWS

“Traffic was horrendous that Sunday because of a huge festival that was taking place in the middle of the city, so I jumped onto a boda boda to get to her. Like all the other journalists at the junket, Disney gave each of us just 15 minutes,” He added.

“In her room, Lupita was sitting between co-stars Madina Nalwanga, 16, and her on-screen son, Martin Kabanza. “We like your ugali video,” I told her as we settled down, referring to a Vogue-produced clip where she learns to cook the Kenyan staple from her mother.

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“You put me in a lot of trouble,” she responded with a smile. She had confessed to me in a previous interview that she missed ugali but didn’t know how to make it, which set Kenyan social media alight.

She was detached and appeared bored throughout the rest of the interview, which prompted some to say she didn’t value African presenters, compared with her American appearances.”

In the post, Larry noted that the Lupita who was just a struggling Kenya actress with not much experience just a few years, but who is now big in Hollywood, was such a snob, and a diva.

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“The interview ended abruptly when I asked about reports that she was a prima donna and I was ushered out without a picture,” Larry said.

Larry’s sentiments come amid reports by European media outlets that Lupita is a diva after co-actors she’s worked said how she wouldn’t hang out with them, had diva tendencies and tended to come across as a snob.

  • steve

    You guys are sad. Of course it would be another bunch of africans bashing another african because of jealousy. Get a life.

  • Tath_Ngui

    Wait a minute. This is the same outlet whose producers would not let Lupita have a role in one of their overrated local soaps because she was ‘too dark skinned’ when she was in Kenya? These are the buggers who have anything to say about ‘Lupita is a snob’? Low class, low grade, tadpole in a pond celebrities who would not make it through the back door of a car garage if truly merit and excellence were the basis of their success as in Kenya? You dare call Lupita Nyongo a snob because she did not condescend to qualify those dumb, dumb, dumb questions? Come on? And given a chance with the woman you guys could have asked about the art and craft of expression, the challnges of making it in Hollywood, what words can inspire aspiring actors? You are serious? That woman is pure class. A real snob would have had you idiots hustled out Kenya police style and thrown on your dumb butts on a parking lot. Mschew! Do you even know what the definition of ‘snob’ is? So embarrassing to be so ignorant and to not know it.