Gloria Muliro back to high school [PHOTOS]

In spirit that is

Gloria Muliro
Gospel singer GLoria Muliro. PHOTO: MZUKA KIBAO

Kenyans are stunned by photos of celebrated gospel singer Gloria Muliro who dressed like a school girl. I promise her Instagram account is the only place you need to visit today.

Just by looking at the pics, you can tell that the singer is aging gracefully. She looks just like your next door neighbour’s daughter who is all cleaned up and ready to attend tuition.

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Assuming you didn’t notice the face is that of your favourite star, wouldn’t you confuse her for a form three teen at Emuhaya Day Secondary School?

Gloria Muliro_high school

And talking of schools, did you know that Gloria Muliro is actually a trained teacher who ditched the chalk for her first love – music? Well, now you know.

A photo posted by GloriaMuliro (@gloriamuliro) on

That explains it! Of course a former teacher wouldn’t have problems dressing like a student.

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A photo posted by GloriaMuliro (@gloriamuliro) on

But you agree she looks lovely, don’t you?

A photo posted by GloriaMuliro (@gloriamuliro) on

Muliro, Tuko reports, had dressed as a school girl for a choir session at a church that she is a member of.

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