Jubilee aspirant mocked over disturbing gift

Mabel Muruli accused of wishing residents death

Mabel Muruli
Kakamega Jubilee gubernatorial aspirant Mabel Muruli. PHOTO: TUKO

A Kakamega gubernatorial aspirant is off to a bad start in her campaigns after residents rejected her gift.

Mabel Muruli who is chasing the Jubilee ticket was met with fury after residents refused to accept her cheap and disturbing gifts.

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The businesswoman who is based in the United Kingdom, offered Shibuli village a hearse but residents flatly rejected it, claiming she was wishing them death.

Mabel Muruli
Mabel Muruli gifted residents with a hearse.

All hell broke loose when a local businessman who was gracing the Mabel Muruli Football tournament questioned the practicality of the vehicle and its intended use.

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“Mrs Muruli, please convert the hearse you have donated into an ambulance so that it can serve the living and not the dead. Who wants to die?” Cleophas Shimanyula wondered.

The crowd joined in telling off Muruli for choosing to donate a hearse to them.

“We are not rejecting gifts, after all, it is an election year and many people will offer us gifts. However, offering us a hearse is strange and is the same as wishing us death,” Kevin Alusiola who was present at the event said as quoted by The Standard.

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But Muruli quickly came to her defence saying the hearse would serve the needy just as an ambulance would.

“Don’t criticise when somebody offers you a gift because eventually, people will seek transport for their dead. Nevertheless, I will add another vehicle, an ambulance,” she said.

That however didn’t seem to cool down her critics as a few moments later, they bashed out her for offering cheap rewards to winners of her soccer tournament.

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She was forced to part with KSh 30,0000 as prize money, double the amount she had initially announced.

“I will be governor in 2017 whether you like it or not. Forget my political party and everything else. Choose an individual. I am prepared to work for the people and bring about development,” Muruli noted.

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