Joe Kadenge dying wish to Uhuru

And two former prezzys

Joe Kadenge
Football legend Joe Kadenge. PHOTO: MICHEZOAFRICA

Ailing legendary footballer Joe Kadenge has recorded a sixty second-long video detailing what he wishes could be fulfilled before he expires.

The iconic footballer, 81, who suffered a stroke in January 2006, collapsed at Camp Toyoyo grounds in Jericho, Nairobi, while watching a football match last October.

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He was later hospitalised with diabetes and high blood sugar level complications but is now recuperating at home in South B estate. A harambee to raise funds for his treatment will be held at Railways club on Friday, January 5.

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mwai kibaki_daniel moi
Kadenge also wants to meet Kibaki, Moi.

The former AFC Leopards striker wants to meet the President, whom he wishes well and has asked to steer the country to success.

“There are people in the government that I would like to meet. First and foremost, President Uhuru Kenyatta, I would like to meet you before I die,” he pleaded.

Adding: “It seems my body doesn’t like me anymore. I would also like to meet the retired Presidents. You remember the old men… I would like to see them.”

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He said he would also want to meet Daniel Moi and Mwai Kibaki as he wants to pay the three leaders his last respects before “God calls me”, he wishes to say goodbye and ask them to grow Kenya.

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A household name, Kadenge said many of his friends had offered to accompany him to the meetings with the leaders but noted the task had turned out to be a daunting one.

“Sijapata nafasi. Hakuna mtu anaweza kunipeleka kwao,” he said in Kiswahili. Which loosely translates to “I have not had the opportunity and there is no one to take me.”

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Kadenge who played for Maragoli United, made a name for himself for scoring the fastest ever goal in the Kenyan Premier League, the Star notes.

He had an exciting footballing career with Abaluhya United, winning the Kenyan Premier League in 1966, and managed the Kenya national football team in 2002.

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