Drama as Kisii man who died in road accident resurrects

White goat now has to be killed

Vincent Oyugi_Kisii
Vincent Oyugi with his mother, Eunice, at their home in Kisii county. PHOTO: NMG

A family that was mourning the death of their son was thrown off balance after he showed up at home a month after his funeral.

Vincent Oyugi was assumed to have died after a vehicle he was travelling in was involved in a fatal crash in August 2016, killing his three colleagues.

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“It is true that I was in the pick up but I jumped out shortly after it rolled. I got a scratch but walked away shocked and did not come back to the scene. Perhaps this led to the conclusion that I had died,” Oyugi said.

eldoret webuye accident
Vincent was believed to have died n a road accident.

The accident reportedly occurred in Ewaso Nyiro, Narok county and involved a pickup that was headed to a local market to deliver cabbages.

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Shortly after the crash, rumours of Oyugi’s death led to funeral arrangements and his body was collected thereafter for burial on December 4, 2016.

“The autopsy and identification of the body was done at the Narok county hospital before we were given permission to take him home. The body was in bad shape and no DNA tests were done to ascertain if the body belonged to our kin,”  Vincent mother Eunice Oyugi said.

But on Tuesday, January 3, 2017, Vincent walked into his family’s compound in Kisii county throwing the entire village into total disarray. Family and neighbours thought they were seeing a ghost.

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His mother narrated how she was farming when a call from her husband arrived, he told her that their son was alive and well. She said she did not know how to react to the shocking news.

“I had to go through the birth marks to ascertain if he truly was my son,” added Eunice said.

According to Vincent, he had been at his Narok home all along and did not know that his family had been looking for him.

“On New Year, I went to check on my brother who also lives in Narok but he ran from me as if he had seen a ghost. I am happy to be back among my family and thank God for that,” Oyugi said.

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white goat_PDP
A white goat has to be slaughtered.

It is said that before Oyugi can be taken back in the family, certain rituals have to be performed to wade off bad omen.

His uncles shared that in such circumstances, the resurectee would not be allowed home until a white cockerel or goat was slaughtered and eaten by the family so as to cleanse him.

The insides of the goat will have to be put in the grave after the buried body is exhumed him so that the family can also be cleansed.

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