Huddah Monroe on how she lost 4 teeth

Huddah Monroe
Socialite Huddah Monroe. PHOTO: EDAILY

Huddah Monroe has hit back at Kenyans who attacked her on social media for being a kibogoyo pre her socialite days.

This comes after a video was widely shared on social media showing the renown socialite missing a lot of teeth during her hustling days, way back before capturing the attention of the country and beyond thanks to her stunning looks.

Kenyans woke up one morning to the news that their favourite socialite Huddah was once a a “toothless video vixen”, but how? That is the question they were asking until recently when she cleared the air on the issue.

Huddah acknowledged that indeed she missed some teeth, four of them, in an freak accident and that she doesn’t regret fixing them.

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“I was broke, I was struggling, I was always under the sun,” said the now famous socialite who boasts a Colgate smile all thanks to her perfect set of teeth.

“Be you! The only thing I don’t regret is fixing my teeth after losing 4 in a major accident. I could have been dead. But I’m alive,” she added.

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The clip that surfaced online shows Huddah in the company of one half of Circuit & Joel (the former), they of the ‘Manyake’ fame and Huddah struggles to pronounce the name of the music show they were promoting perhaps because of her challenged upper mandible.

The video became the talk of social media and it wasn’t long before it went viral.

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Huddah who more often than not is on the defensive side as Kenyans gang up against her for reasons only known to them, is now over a decade strong in the business and has learned to develop a thick skin. She isn’t bothered much these days about what people say.

She also took a swipe at her naysayers, saying:

“Insecure people will try to make others look like they have the same issues,” wrote Huddah. “I was walking from Huruma to CBD daily to hustle.”