Blow to Raila Odinga as Moi votes with Jubilee

Daylight betrayal

gideon moi
Baringo Senator Gideon Moi. PHOTO: NMG

It is believed KANU Chairman – also Baringo Senator – Gideon Moi, voted in favour of the contentious amendments that effectively watered down dialogued election laws.

That is if an image that has been shared widely on social media, one that shows how members of the senate recently voted on the electoral laws, is anything to go by. It shows that indeed, Moi who has recently been leaning towards the Opposition, sided with Jubilee during voting.

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During the debate at the Senate on Thursday, January 5, Moi said the bill was acrimonious and unacceptable, he likened a manual backup system to a person smoking bhang next to a police station.

A few days later however, the image which has not been independently verified by, shows he actually voted in favour of the contentious electoral laws.

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Senate voting_gideon moi
The image making rounds on social media

Last year, the Kanu chief lashed out at Jubilee for their plans to revert to a manual voting system that would allow IEBC to manually identify voters and relay election results, insisting the process must be electronic.

In the recent debate, 26 Jubilee affiliated Senators voted for the bill while 19 others voted with the Opposition to squash the contentious changes to the election laws.

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Cord insists that the move by Jubilee to force a manual backup during the upcoming election is part of a wider scheme by President Uhuru Kenyatta and his cronies to steal the polls.