Chipukeezy, Eric Omondi slammed over The God’s photos

Indeed The Gods Are Not Crazy... We Are

Chipukeezy_Eric Omondi_Crazy Gods
Photo of Eric Omondi on the set of 'The Gods Are Not Crazy, We Are'. VIA: INSTAGRAM

It’s the social media age, meaning that for you to make it, your effort has to go viral. Social media buzz is the new measure of success.

With that said, Eric Omondi and his comic twin Chipukeezy have been hitting the entertainment headlines of late as they climb the stairs to to the top spot of all things viral.

Their latest project… Well, this photo below explains everything.

Chipukeezy_Crazy Gods
Chipukeezy and Eric Omondi have remade ‘The Gods Must Be Crazy’.

These two clowns thought the funny movie we grew up watching, ‘The Gods Must Be Crazy’, wasn’t funny enough and are giving it a makeover. The move has become an instant hit online, thanks to promotional photos making the rounds online.

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Even before the real thing is released, fans are already giving their per-release varied opinions about the comedians’ choice of attire that has been borrowed from the original film.

Chipukeezy posted the photo on his social media pages and instantly caused a rift between his fans who had varied strong opinions about it. Some think Chipukeezy just made his socialite debut.

Chipukeezy_Crazy GodsOne Kim Kimzy Mwangi praised the former Churchill Show comic basing his argument on Chipukeezy’s impact in his rural home. “Before you demonise the focused comedian, I wish you knew what he was doing to serve humanity in his remote background,” said.

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Chipukeezy_Crazy Gods

Below is a sample of what fans of Chipukeezy had to say:

Hillary Mwandiki Tajir: Good job well done….heri kuvua nguo kama wazimu na upate doh,kuliko kupiga wathii Ngeta na uchomwe uchi kama mutisio…But chipkiz acha kuchizi ii mavitu mnavuta na omondi punguza…aiii khoikhoi and khoisan.

Gallis Kanu Republiq: Bro lenga hawa mahater.Tafta mulla mbona they watch vids by the bushmen?do they castigate them?its your life live it as u want bro.congrats hii tutangoja kwa ubaya kama ardent fans of you!

Ben Kamash: People are here talking about avae nguo like people don’t go to the beach half naked with bikini and things of that nature..smh

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Ndungu Githaiga: Being a hero you must sacrifice to save others, n now chipo needs to dress like this to make us laugh.keep off your lame advise n let him do the job.

Robert Maina: People complaining here shows how evil minded they are FYI we dressed like this before mzungu came by so wacheni unafiki !!!

Charles Chacharito: Hapa ni kazi tu bro kama hawataki waende kwani yule mtu aloshoot Gods must be crazy si ni binadamu na hakuna mtu alizusha??endelea bro