Outrage as Anne Mawathe just watches desperate pregnant woman

When the story is more important than life

Anne Mawathe
Citizen TV's Anne Mawathe. PHOTO: YOUTUBE

Kenya’s biggest television station and a senior reporter are in hot soup for their lack of humanity after airing a story of a woman in labour after she was turned away from Pumwani Hospital.

Citizen TV‘s Anne Mawathe followed the woman during the story right from the point of being kicked out of Pumwani Hospital in Eastleigh, Nairobi.

The television station and the journalist are on the receiving end of angry Kenyans for not putting their cameras and mics aside and help the woman get medical attention at the nearby Mother and Child Hospital or another clinic.

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Instead of making the noble thing, Mawathe reportedly followed the woman who travelled in a matatu to St. Mary’s Hospital situated miles away in Langata.

Anne MawatheThe story unfortunately has a sad ending as as the baby did not survive, it died during delivery at the said hospital.

Here is what a section of Kenyans said on social media:

Paul Kartun Media had a significant role on 2007 violence 10 years later i for see the same because of lack of wisdom

Rudhie Mucina Simple act of kindness goes along way you too will never forget that you assisted someone and that its because of you they had a reason to smile…….. She could have paid for her cab .unless she’s never gone through Labour that’s so so uncouth .get the story show the nation then waat ? Mangapi tumeambiwa na tukaoneshwa and TOTALLY nothing has been done about it .shame on you !!

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Marion Ndeta Saw the story and slept wondering where a scoop begins and ends and where out ethical practices begin and end.

Rudhie Mucina What’s the difference between you and the pumwani ? Dint you contribute to child mortality? Or now another set of media should come with a recording of how “the media” goes out fetching for news at the cost of lives smh!

 Paulynne Macharia Is chasing a story that important? It would have been a bigger story if she helped.

Awuor Awuor No matter what job you are doing.. No matter the JD.. Humanity takes precedence..

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Kate Korir Sooo sad it’s like clapping while watching murder happen nkt.

Soon after receiving the lashing, Mawathe defended herself saying was not the reporter who followed the woman, that she only viewed the footage and made the story.