Elderly wealthy politician Jackson Kibor marries ‘daughter’

The Kanu big wig is 86

Jackson Kibor
Kanu bigwig Jackson Kibor in court. PHOTO: TUKO

The Kenya social media scene lit up after Kenyans streamed in their numbers to give varied opinions on Kanu bigwig Jackson Kibor, 86, marrying a woman young enough to be his daughter.

The wealthy politician married Yunita, a 40-something year old, even as he continues to visit the courts to convince the judges why he wants to divorce his second wife Josephine whom he married 51 years ago.

The drama in his failed marriage became national news recently considering Kibor’s position and legacy in the Kanu regime. Kenyans could not understand why Kibor waited for half a decade to call it quits with his lover

But even before the discussion dies down, Kibor has supplied more fodder for Kenyans to chew on following the announcement of his new marriage.

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Jackson Kibor_Wife YunitaBelow is what a section of Kenyans said on social media concerning the union:

“The wife should just grab her share of the family wealth and leave Kibor to waste his share on this gold digger,” wrote one Bigg Ben.

“Man is a scumbag! Loves women like a teenager,” Charger ya pin ndogo said.

Visionary sage wrote: “The word Gold digger has a whole new meaning, but people are the drivers of their own destiny..no regrets though. We live the consequences of The choices we make.”

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“Don’t worry Josephine. You’re now more likely to get half the estate. Yunita is not likely to stay after that and Kibor will come back begging like the prodigal son,” Nyumba offered consolation.

“Couldn’t he have married this social climber without divorcing his old wife? Although kuna wazee wameumia. There are many old men who have been abandoned by their heartless old wives. Maybe there’s a lesson for such women to learn here,” Mubarak explained.

Jackson Kibor_Wife Yunita“Of course the young girl has her eyes and heart set on the old man’s vast business empire and finances. There’s nothing like love in the new union. She will milk the old man dry then disappear into thin air,” Lewis Wasonga shared his thoughts.

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We ni ancestor tu sana!But sure she is ur death.!never show madharau to a woman who has invested in ur life ,in everyway for Half a Decade!…U have dug your own grave en bought your own coffin,she is only waiting to put u in that coffin en grave,” Faith Kiluma noted.

“Acha apewe virusi ndio arudi tena asubue watoi wake na huyo bibi mzee. Kibogoyo mchuuuuuuh,” wrote Najaah Farooq.

“Very bad, lady should learn how to respect others marriage, you are not special than that wife,” Gracian Mbugua offered Yunita advice.