Kibaki grandson’s ex serves kilos of thighs [PHOTOS]

Months after nasty breakup

Elodie_Sean Andrew Kibaki
Elodie and ex Sean Andrew Kibaki. PHOTO: COURTESY

If you live under a rock and you haven’t noticed yet, it’s 2017, that means a new year and new things and new ways to match.

Last year saw the public and very nasty breakup of former president Mwai Kibaki’s grandson Sean Andrew, and Youtuber Elodie who seems to have forgotten that heartbreaking episode of her life and decided to move on.

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The break up was quite nasty and shades were thrown especially on social media. When we say words were thrown we mean really stinging words…

Soon after the split, Elodie moved to Paris after a relative landed a job there. Then in April, she moved back to Kenya to work on her Youtube videos and maybe rekindle things with his model boyfriend Sean.

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According to her, her work productivity dipped because of the move and her relationship woes.

“What made the situation even worse is that a lot of people felt that they needed to be involved in the breakup as well. How all this affected me is that a lot of rumours started circulating around. An nobody knows the real reason why we broke up,” she said in one of the clips on her YouTube channel.

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Adding: “the family who hates you and the friends who dislike you. His people who disrespect you and the lifestyle he disapproves of…ohh, that’s it. There’s no end to the quote.”

Below are photos that prove, Elodie moved on… Last year.

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