This photo of Mukurino AP will make your day

Happens only once in a blue moon

GSU police
GSU officers being transported. PHOTO: ALLAFRICA

It’s a really hot Tuesday afternoon so we’re going to spare men articles loaded with half naked photos of the Huddahs and the Vera Sidikas of this world. Just for today.

Instead, we’ve prepared a completely different thing – but it still has to do with photos.

For the very first time in Kenya, ever, a male Kenyan police officer has been photographed on the streets rocking a turban.

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The image elicited mixed reactions by Kenyans since it first appeared in the online alleys and has since gone viral.

Mukurino APThe reason for all the excitement is obvious as it’s common knowledge that very few people, if any at all, have ever seen a police officer who is a Mukurino.

Many are also wondering how he manages his religious business and and his day job. The two don’t seem to mix well according to online observers.

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Followers of the Akorino follow a very strict (some even think it’s absurd) religious doctrines; they do not consume alcohol, don’t use family planning and are also known to dance themselves into a religious delirium.