Cord Senator faults Joho excessive security detail

Governor guarded by a whole police post

Hassan Joho
Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho. PHOTO: TUKO

Last week saw the unexplained withdrawal of security detail attached to vocal Mombasa Govenor Hassan Joho, leading to widespread condemnation by the Opposition.

But not all are sympathising with the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) deputy party leader including Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar who has questioned the governor’s security saying it should be trimmed.

“What is Joho afraid of?” wondered Omar who has declared interest in unseating Joho in the August-scheduled General Election. He was speaking at a news conference at his Renaissance Centre office in Mombasa on Tuesday, January 10.

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Omar reckons Joho is playing victim after his security was withdrawn barely hours after the latter and his Kilifi counterpart Amason Kingi gave President Uhuru Kenyatta a public dressing down during his visit at the Coast to launch projects.

amason kingi
Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi also had his security withdrawn. PHOTO: DAILY POST

To prove his point, Omar went further and broke down Joho’s security, how it is structured.

“Joho has 15 guards, plus his cronies in the convoy who each have a gun. During public rallies they move around and are always trying to intimidate the public by showing off their guns,” the Senator noted.

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Adding: “The guns each have 15 bullets, which is about 450 bullets in Joho’s convoy … that is an armoury… not for security. If he thinks he is under threat by supporting his party leader…Raila Odinga himself has only four escort officers. Why move around with a whole police station… I don’t need police station around me.”

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The government has however bowed to pressure and reinstated security to both Governors Joho and Amason Kingi (Kilifi). The State insists the move was not political at all, that local authorities were reorgaising themselves.

The Council of Governors and Opposition leaders had condemned the incident and even threatened to sue the government for withdrawing the leader’s security detail.

Missed the video of Joho lecturing Uhuru? Watch below: