Martha Karua shuts down marauding white man

Who had issues with her weaves


Outgoing United States’ President Barrack Obama was bidding his countrypeople goodbye on Wednesday, January 10, perhaps thanking them for making him the most powerful black man in the history of earth!

So, naturally, our very own former presidential candidate, Martha Karua, sent a congratulatory message to Mr. Hussein on his last speech, but alas! she hadn’t noticed an internet troll larking in the dark alleys of the web.

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Karua congratulated Obama for his ‘smoothness’, you know… the poise, class and grace in the manner in which he steered the world’s most powerful nation – the United States of America.

Martha Karua and Raila Odinga at a past function. PHOTO: GERALD ANDERSON/NATION MEDIA GROUP

The man, obviously an Obama hater, grabbed the opportunity with his two hands and bashed Karua based on her skin – he spoke of the ebony’s hair in an ill manner. But he picked a fight with the wrong guy.

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Heck, he picked the wrong fight…

“It seems difficult for an African woman to accept her hair,” the Twitter user going by the name Dirk Lenaerts said.

uhuru kenyatta_martha karua
President Uhuru Kenyatta greets Narc Kenya leader Martha Karua during his tour of Kirinyaga county, November 29, 2016. PHOTO: THE STAR

Unbeknownst to him then (I believe he’s since learnt his lesson) Ms Karua is not the type to mess around with – she wasn’t called the only man in Kibaki’s government for pleasure. The Iron Lady didn’t take the insults sitting.

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She told him off, twisted his words and used them against him. Talk about being insulted in your own mothertongue by a guy from a far away world.

Her reply, Tuko notes, was short, subtle and straight to the point.

“Or a whiteman his colour?” Karua asked the guy on Twitter.

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