This popular Luhya singer shocked many with Uhuru demand after sentencing

Veteran Luhya musician Jacob Luseno of 'Mukangala' fame wants President Uhuru to pardon him after being imprisoned. PHOTO: PEARL.COM.NG

A prominent Luhya musician serving a 15-year jail term for rape said on Wednesday, Aprl 27,  he was innocent and appealed to the President for pardon.

Jonah Isindu, who composed the famed Mukangala hit song that was released with Phonotex Jazz Band under the late veteran Luhya musician Jacob Luseno, said he was fixed by his detractors.

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He said they were uncomfortable with his success in music and wanted him “eliminated”.

“I had been releasing songs that turned out to be hits, causing jitters among some people. They even told me to go slow or they would deal with me,” he said upon his transfer from Kakamega to Kiboswa Prison.

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Isindu said his friends told him to go into hiding when he received information that he had been implicated in rape.

“I told them I would not leave because I was innocent,” he said.
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