Eric Omondi to venture into movies

His funny clips to grow bigger

Eric Omondi
Comedian Eric Omondi in action. PHOTO: JAMBONEWSPOT

Since first cracking Kenyans’ ribs on Churchill Live years back, Eric Omondi has grown to become one of the biggest, if not the biggest comic in the country.

And if you thought his funny YouTube clips which have grown by leaps and bounds are about to come to an end, the joke’s on you. His stints aren’t going anywhere, if anything, the show just got started.

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If you’ve been following Eric lately, then you’re aware of the parodies his been creating, including Saratina and The Gods Are Not Crazy, We Are – both borrowed from South African popular films.

Chipukeezy_Crazy Gods
Chipukeezy and Eric Omondi remade ‘The Gods Must Be Crazy’. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

The celebrated comedian has revealed that he would be converting the short parodies into full blown movies very soon, thanks to the huge interest the clips have aroused.

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His latest release which makes fun of the classic movie, The Gods Must Be Crazy, trended at the top for five days -straight after its release.

The clip came at a time when viewers were still enjoying the comedic version of the dramatic apartheid-era themed movie Sarafina, and going by the success of the two releases, Eric Omondi might have just propelled himself to even greater heights.

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Eric Omondi_Saratina
Saratina poster. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

Saratina and The Gods Are Not Crazy, We Are, will eventually be expanded to become full movies if a report by NairobiNews is anything to go by.

The aim is to offer the industry something new and fresh, he said.

We can’t wait!