Eric Omondi goes Nigerian in new ‘movie’ [VIDEO]


eric omondi_THE VIBE
Comedian Eric Omondi. PHOTO: THE VIBE

Eric Omondi is no doubt on another level as far as Kenyan comedy is concerned, his recent funny YouTube clips are doing justice for the funny guy.

During a recent interview, Eric revealed that thanks to the overwhelming attention the short videos have received, he plans to shoot more of them and not just that but convert some into fully-fledged films.

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After releasing parodies of South African iconic motion pictures; ‘Sarafina’ (renamed Saratina and ‘The Gods Must Be Crazy’ (The Gods Are Not Crazy, We Are), he is now ready to drop his next project.

eric omondi_nigerian movie

In the soon to be released clip, Eric turns to West Africa and more specifically Nigeria for inspiration. He is making fun of the Nigerian culture where he plays a Nigerian witch doctor.

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The comedian has been promoting the video on his Instagram and dropping the Nigerian quotes in between.

eric omondi_nigerian movie
A short man is not a boy〰Nigerian Proverb.

“It is almost impossible to bewitch an African woman today. You take a strand of her hair to the witch doctor and either an innocent Brazilian girl dies or a factory in China goes up in flames,” he joked in one of his IG posts.

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eric omondi_nigerian movie

If you missed Eric Omondi and Chipukeezy’s ‘God’s’ clip, it’s available below for your perusal. The parody became so popular, that he said he would turn it into a movie.

Here it is: