Rosemary Odinga former boyfriend unearthed? [PHOTOS]


Rosemary Odinga
Rosemary Odinga. PHOTO: DAILYPOST

The Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) chief Raila Odinga’s first daughter Rosemary is slowly but steadily becoming a topical issue on the blogosphere especially after she officially announced her entry in politics.

But even before she lays down her agenda on why she is eyeing the Kibra parliamentary seat currently being held by Ken Okoth, who is said to have a superb track record, the discussion has shifted to her personal life, rather her love life which has always been surrounded in mystery.

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It is said that Rosemary was married to one little known Amos Ndanyi Akasa with whom she had a daughter, but they separated some four years back.

Then in February 2014, Rosemary welcomed her second child, also a daughter, but the latter’s dad has never been known to the public. Speculation that has refused to go away is the alleged relationship with some rich guy called Michael Okwiri.

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Michael Okwiri
Michael Okwiri

Now, blogger Robert Alai has torn apart Raila’s second-born and most vocal of them, he is pocking holes into her background and achievements.

“What are some of the most compelling arguments or real life achievements she has earned? That is, apart from rearing snails, being a former squeeze of my friend Michael Okwiri and daughter of Raila Odinga,” Alai wondered.

Michael Okwiri
Rosemary and Okwiri and a friend.

So who is this man Okwiri? Good question. He once headed the Corporate Communications & CSR department at Airtel. He is also reportedly a former fiance to ex-model Debra Sanaipei, a woman he proposed to but didn’t take home via a wedding as things quickly went south.

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But have the two, Rosemary and Okwiri really dated? Is there any hard evidence?

Alai’s claim adds to a previous one by SDE which suggested that the former PM’s daughter was dating a communications manager who was also linked to a former model.

Michael Okwiri_Debra Sanaipei
Okwiri and ex Debra Sanaipei.

We’re not coming to any conclusions, yet.