Maina Kageni trolled on social media over a shirt [PHOTOS]

He has a favourite one just like Uhuru

Radio presenter Maina Kageni. PHOTO: CLASSIC105

President Uhuru Kenyatta was recently attacked by Kenyans on social media for wearing a certain shirt, one too many times.

And just Just like our dear president, Kenya’s biggest (I think) radio personality Maina Kageni, has found himself in the same hot soup because of over wearing a favourite shirt, one he puts on a lot, and now Kenyans want him to stop!

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The celebrated radio host recently posted a photo on Instagram wearing, guess what? The same checkered shirt and hawk-eyed fans on social media were quick to note that the presenter has worn it endlessly.

Maina Kageni_Nyashinski

Pukey fans asked him to stop wearing it while others volunteered to buy Maina, whose monthly salary is over a mitre, a new one.

Wondering how many times Maina has been spotted adorning that shirt? The photo evidence is overwhelming.

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Remember this time?

Maina Kageni_chameleone
Maina Kageni and Ugandan singer Jose Chameleone (right) in first public appearance since surgery. PHOTO: TUKO

Although we can’t really tell the number of times, we’ll settle with a heavenly lots. Fellas at Tuko did the math and at the time of going to press, the Classic 105 presenter has been seen photoed at eight different occasions… and still counting.

Maina Kageni-red checked shirt

“Maina, you are always wearing that same shirt on your photos kwani it’s a tread?” a follower wondered.

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“Lakini Maina, unapenda hii shirt saaana by the way,” another one added.

Or may be he also has that millionaire tendency, the one of having a million pairs of the same thing? But still…

Below is a video of Maina Kageni: