Is Akothee dating her manager?

Some think so..


Celebrated Kenyan singer Akothee, or Esther Akoth if you like, recently left tongues wagging after sending a message many thought was too sweet, to her manager Nelson Oyugi.

The multiple hits creator who is currently riding high with ‘Benefactor’, was celebrating her first anniversary with the dude who goes by the name Nelly Oaks in the entertainment circles.

But it was her choice of words that made guys on social media start speculating that the two could be having something, a sort of relationship outside work.

Nelly Oaks
Akothee’s manager Nelson Oyugi aka Nelly Oaks.

This is what she said:

“It’s been a year since I met you , 2016 was the best year for me , there is nothing I can relate to you being there for me , many have come in the name of managers but they opt to seek fame & ride on the brand , you are so humble & patient , am sure most people wonder how you deal with this brand held by this crazy woman ! well, it’s because you are exposed , well educated , perfect family background , too honest , straight , ambitious , you embrace change & don’t care about others opinions ,You saw the talent & decided to nurture it & take it places , most people who came around saw the money & fame , yes my heartbeat , I heart your mother for the great up bringing , thank you soooooo much @ @nellyoaks, you have walked me through the most darkest parth of my life , my kids relate to you, sometimes when I see Oyoo searching for you like a lost sheep “the first word Oyoo mentions when he comes home ” “where is Nelson ” he will go to your office !, check the pool , in the garden , then I ask myself !!!!!!!!! what should I do ??? , the girls report me to you , when I start bitching around , you have actually helped me nature the teenagers , how else can I thank God for having you in my life ! you are my last resort & you will be the end of me @nellyoaks, I wish you all the best in life from the bottom of my heart I love you , let your girlfriend not catch feelings here tell her it’s work related period ??????if there is any”

Soon after posting the message, commenters grouped into two, one side concluded that there was nothing between the duo while others read too much into her message. Some thought it was sweet of her to appreciate her employee.

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Below is a sample of what people said:

Evans Ochieng: Nelson’s wife, if you’re sitting pretty saying my hubby is a professional manager who is strong & principled, then you need an Interdenominational prayer plus 10 barrels of anointing oil. Lol

Riziki Mantashaa: Akotheee that’s so kind of you, its rare to find a boss appreciate their worker….. Hope the manager is managing everything ????
I love you Akoth yawa !

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Isabella Sile: Appreciation is a great principle in friendships and this includes relationships & marriage.
Whether Akothee appreciates @Nelly as a friend, boyfriend, fiancĂ©,…