Cheater or not Diamond still mine – Zari Hassan

Cheater or not Diamond still mine - Zari Hassan

Diamond Platnumz
Bongo superstar Diamond Platnumz with wife Zari Hassan. PHOTO: TWITTER

Does a day pass without East Africa’s biggest musical act Diamond Platnumz or better still his Ugandan/South African bae Zari Hassan, making headlines?

The bombshell of a socialite has uttered some words, Controversial ones (depending on what gender you are) that have left the social media abuzz.

Men will most likely agree with Zari’ sentiments while her fellow ladies will unanimously want to lynch her. That’s after reading a recent post by the wife of the popular Bomgo artiste.

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diamond zari_tiffah
Old photo of the couple and daughter Tiffah.

You see, the mother of, five?, has vowed not to listen to people’s advice on matters her marriage, even if her husband cheats on her. She says it is her business to ensure Diamond remains hers.

“with Le Hubby.. @diamondplatnumz people will advise u to leave him, oh he isn’t good enough for u, he cheats he is an a**hole the grass is greener on the other side u’ll find better but when u look at their grass it’s dry asf. Huniiii, listen, if the grass is greener on the other side it’s fake no grass has ever been that green. Let me water my grass it shows signs of growing,” read the post on her favourite social media site Instagram.

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The couple recently welcomed their second child, a son named Prince Nillan, but Zari has three other children from a previous marriage and is a couple of years older than Platnumz.

Last year, Diamond who was in the company of some women, was forced to speed off after a rowdy mob surrounded his car as they waited at a take away joint, they alleged the ‘Salome’ hitmaker of cheating on Zari.

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He however dismissed the allegations saying the ladies in the vehicle were his fellow musicians, he said they were looking for something to bite after a long session in the studio.