Sharply dressed comedian MCA Tricky [PHOTO]

A side of him that's rarely seen

MCA Tricky
Comedian MCA Tricky in action. PHOTO: JAMBONEWSPOT

If you live in Kenya, then you must know Comedian MCA Tricky, he is a man who needs no introduction.

The funny is without a doubt one of country’s leading standup comedians, never mind his star started to shine just a few years ago.

MCA Tricky is probably one of the main reasons fans of Churchill Show tunes in to NTV every Sunday evening, the guy is never short of jokes, and his dress code is rib-cracking in itself.

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MCA Tricky

His shabby clothes comprising an oversized blazer, a red shirt and funny-looking pants are out of this world but perfectly fits his homeless character.

Some people joke that MCA Tricky, who was once a street urchin in real life, does not own any other clothes apart from the aforementioned. But the truth is miles away, he is just a master at convincing.

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The guy can actually dress to kill.

The comedian recently surprised fans when he showed them his other side, one they rarely see, if at all they get to see.

The photo shows MCA Tricky sharply dressed in a well fitting blazer and some actually nice brown shoes.

See the photo below:

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MCA Tricky

He was at Carnivore for the live recording of Churchill Show where as always, he didn’t disappoint when his time to entertain the crowd, came.

See MCA Tricky in action below: