Prezzo attacks a troll on Instagram

Chrysler Crossfire manenos

Rapper Prezzo. PHOTO: MSETOEA

So it’s been more than a decade since his Rapcellency Prezzo, came from nowhere with that sick tune ‘Naleta Action’, and we feel for him just like that, before making flossing a career in Kenya.

The King of Bling might not be the biggest hitmaker around but my, doesn’t guy know how to remain relevant without releasing any songs, expect the ones he’s done with Zilch?

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Jackson Makini is without a doubt the master of professional bragging this side of the Sahara and flossing to him is an everyday affair especially thanks to the new found platform Nairobi Diaries where he treats his fans to all manner of dramas, like this day when he unleashed his.. you know what.. live on air!

Prezzo_Michelle Yola
Prezzo and Michelle.

Of late, the guy’s new swag has been to go hard on people, but one that recently backfired on his on again off again pretty girlfriend Michelle Yola.

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Then there’s this issue of the sleek ride he imported the other day, a Chrysler Crossfire. And just as he flosses his clothes, jewellery and women who are literally badder than most, Prezzo had to let the world know about his cars.

Prezzo_Chrysler CrossfireSo this one afternoon, the emcee (not so much) was in the mood to floss (no news there) and what better way to get into the nerves of haters than trough his new toy?

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prezzo_instagram_fan prezzo_instagram_fan

Things however went South when a fan called him out for flaunting another man’s car. Prezzo went berserk, calling him all manner of unprintables as is evident above.