Single mother Valentines, Akothee style [PHOTO]

Baby daddies affair

Singer Akothee. PHOTO: KISSFM

You have to give it to Akothee, the self-proclaimed ‘Kenya’s Richest Musician’, doesn’t she live the life? The singer loves flamboyance and doesn’t pass a chance to floss her wealth which includes her family and dogs… many many dogs.

The ‘Benefactor’ singer also has a way of always being the news, just when you thought you can now have an Akothee-free moment, she does something that no one saw coming and just like that, the singer is back in the headlines.

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This past weekend Akothee surprised her fans with photos of her dancing with prisoners in Mombasa, a move that made many see a side of her they had never seen before – humility – but depending on what side of the debate you were on.

Akothee_prisonersAnd today being February the 14th, Valentine’s Day, you didn’t expect Akothee to not receive mentions, did you? The mother of five is back, this with a message to young girls who may have funny ideas about Valentines.

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Through a post on social media, Akothee detailed how her children’s Valentine expenditure, were all courtesy of the people she sired them with.

Akothee_children_Valentine“I love my baby daddies coordination, they pay hotel accommodation & food, for their children’s valentines week,” read part of the post.

But she didn’t stop there, Akothee went on to share that the travelling expenses for her kids this Valentine week amounted to 72,000 and were all catered for by her baby daddies worked in tandem.

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Akothee’s five kids.

Not sure what the message here is but I hope it’ll make some ladies whom it was curated for, make smart decisions this Valentine’s.