Meet comedian Eric Omondi ‘twin sister’ [PHOTO]

Erika Amondi

Eric Omondi
Comedian Eric Omondi in action. PHOTO: JAMBONEWSPOT

Ever heard of that thing that every one has a twin? Well, it’ll be hard to find yours if you’re just an average Jane (or Joe).

However, if you’re a public figure, like comedian Eric Omondi, then the search becomes easier as thousands other people, without even being requested, go on a match-making expeditions on your behalf.

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eric omondiAnd fans just found a twin for Mr. funny man.

The YouTube star’s sea of fans could not help but notice the very striking resemblance of the 29-year-old comic and a certain lady whose identity still seems to be a mystery.

But it didn’t end there, the lass who sports Eric’s signature ruffled hair has been given the nickname Erika Amondi by social media users.

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She is a carbon copy of Omondi so the name does justice to people who want to make them twins.

erika amondi
Introducing Eric’s twin… Erika Amondi

Look at the above pic… their body sizes, hairstyles, smiles, dental arrangements, poses -I mean, if that’s not twins, then I have no idea what is.