K24’s Karen Karimi suffers excruciating pain live on air

Going live in 3... 2... uh oh!

Karen Karimi
K24's Karen Karimi. PHOTO: TWITTER

Karen Karimi, the beautiful K24 prime time news anchor, recently shared a post on social media explaining why she has been missing from their television screens of late, she’s been away for three weeks or so.

In the Instagram post, the sultry lass went on to explain how, from nowhere, she suffered two disk slips while on air and how she was dramatically rushed to Aga Khan Hospital to seek medical attention.

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According to Karimi who now seems to be out of danger, said the pain she felt on her back could only be compared to that of labour. She went on to add that doctors later found out that she had a tear on her lumbar spine (where it curves inward toward the abdomen).

Karimi KarenThe television personality then ended the post with encouraging words for worrying fans, she said she was okay although recovering slowly and also thanking her family and friends who have been checking on her since she got admitted at the aforementioned facility.

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Below is what she said:

“Three weeks ago… I suffered a severe back pain live on air. The pain,,, I felt I was in labour ? I was rushed immediately to Agakhan Hospital. Straight to Private ward, on IV and multiple jabs for the pain. An MRI test was conducted and they found out I had a tear on my lumber spine that caused 2 minor disc slips. Ouch. My spine surgeon has been so helpful, went through tough physiotherapy. I am so thankful that I am recovering slowly, with my family and friends constantly checking up on me. I pray to get well soonest. Happy Valentine’s to me ❤ Make up and Hair courtesy @kesho_nzano ?”

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Quick recovery Karen..