KTN’s Sophia Wanuna caught shaking her booty [VIDEO]

Getting jiggy before news

Sophia Wanuna_MPASHO
KTN's Sophia Wanuna. PHOTO: MPASHO

Team Mafisi will agree in unison that KTN prime time news anchor, Sophia Wanuna, is one beautiful woman, well a majority of her gender mates will agree too.

So let me begin by asking this, what’s better than seeing a hot lass break in to a hot jig before a live morning television show? Nothing, if you ask me.

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Sophia Wanuna

Especially if it’s one of those days that has proved to be boring already, going by her the morning is unfolding. Mood not there, sitting on the sofa with a towel around your waist and hands in your chins, wondering what the day ahead holds.

Then you turn on the TV to at least make your morning a bit brighter and Boom! there’s some lightskin in a blue mini dress dancing to some tropical tunes. Well, that’s day made already. No?

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Makes me wonder, if Wanuna can move her behind the way she did in front of a million viewers, early in the morning, what would she do if she decides to do it where she doesn’t have to mind about who is watching.

Ok, that will remain just that… imagination.

Watch the video below to see what I mean:

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  • Johnnie Walker

    How was this a “busted” clip? You guys need to post honest headlines and not sensationalist quotes just to drive traffic to your site. That’s what’s wrong with Kenyan journalists! Selling headlines only and zero substance in articles.